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MLSA Winter Indoor Futsal

Updated 1/3/2019


  • ●  If you are one of the first games of the night / day, the equipment will be in a bag marked MLSA. Someone at the front desk will need to open the storage room for you. There will be at least two small and two bigger Futsal balls in the bag along with 2 med kits, a couple yellow pinnies for GKs, and some blue pinnies. The bag will be kept by the timing box. Please return all equipment after your games!

  • ●  If you are one of the last games of the day / night, the equipment bag needs to put back into the storage room. Someone at the front desk will need to open the room for you.

  • ●  For Saturdays, players should wear white or blue shirts like Lebo Cup or Travel jerseys.


    Ball size: Futsal ball – Size 3 Ball for Grades 2, 3, & 4 and Size 4 Ball for Grades 5 and up. Game length: Friday night games are 25 minutes each. Saturday games are 70 minutes Team size: 4v4+GK

    The attached playing rules have been drawn up to meet the following objectives:

  1. To abide by current and established FIFA Laws of the Game, US Youth Soccer rules and PA

    West rules where possible, and

  2. To give the players the maximum freedom to develop soccer skills during regular games in an

    environment free of external influences to the extent possible.

All rules like regular soccer unless otherwise mentioned below

  • ●  All infractions result with an indirect kick (except penalty shots).

  • ●  No offsides calls.

  • ●  No slide-tackling.

  • ●  Any fighting or dangerous plays can result in removal from the league.

  • ●  Out-of-bound plays (sideline and corners) - "kicked in" from where it went out on sideline. No

    throw-ins. Goals CANNOT be scored from kick-ins.

  • ●  Players may pass back to the keeper who must then use feet to control and pass the ball.

  • ●  Once a goalie has the ball, they will have 5-10 seconds to play the ball or lose possession.

  • ●  If an offensive players kicks ball over end line it goes to the goalie for a goal clearance, or if the

    goalie makes a save and has possession:

    • ○  Goalie rolls to a teammate, dribbles out of arc, or passes.

    • ○  Goalie throws must be underhand and land before half court.

    • ○  No overhand or sidearm throws or punting.

  • ●  Goalie does not need to stay in penalty area - can "pull the goalie" for offense, similar to end of a hockey game.

  • ●  Substituting can be done on the fly (similar to hockey). The player subbing in cannot enter the game until the player subbing out is within 5 feet from the subbing area.

  • ●  Defense should be at least 4-5 yards from keepers rolling the ball out and indirect / sideline kicks, including corners. (Use the volleyball court as guideline)

○ Use the lines on the volleyball court as a “build-out line” for younger players

  • ●  Referee decisions on rules are final. The concept is to facilitate play without many long


  • ●  Arc Rules

    • ○  For 1st-2nd Grade Friday Nights

      • Only goalies are allowed in the arc.

      • If an offensive player is involved in the play within the goal arc (while the ball is

        within the goal arc), play stops and goalie is allowed to pick up and distribute ball.

      • If a defensive player is involved in the play within the arc (while the ball is within

        the goal arc) then a direct kick, penalty kick, is awarded from the top of the goalie


    • ○  For 3rd-12th Grade Saturdays

      ■ Offensive and defensive players are allowed within the arc. ■ Offensive shots can only be taken from outside the arc.
      ■ Shots within the arc result in a loss of possession.

      Please note that we will institute a build out Marker to allow the Goalies to handle/distribute the ball without pressure for younger grades. This falls in line with the new FIFA Soccer Guidelines U10 and under.

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