50 Years and Counting!

Love the Game

In 2020, the MLSA (Mt. Lebanon Soccer Association) celebrates 50 years of soccer. That's 50 years of hard fought victories/losses/draws, spirit lifting huddles, game changing high fives, a million "good games," uncountable tournament patch trading, invaluable lifelong friendships and the cultivation of an appreciation and respect for this beautiful game that in many ways represents the pinnacles and nadirs of life. 

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have jumped onto the soccer scene back in 1970, when the game was young in the U.S. - with some very capable, very dedicated fearless leaders, including Rod Agar and George Kesel. 

Over the many decades since, the players, parents, coaches and administrators that have shepherded our organization have made it what it is today – a thriving sport with twelve robust programs, each tailored to what our players need, and each coached, managed and officiated by talented people who love the game and the kids that play it. 

From training, to recreational, to competitive leagues, there is something here for every child age 6 - age 18, at every level of play. We offer year-round opportunities and the chance to get involved as a volunteer or paid employee. Our goal is to inspire the love of the beautiful game in our players and throughout our community. This strong community of soccer aficionados is more than an organization - we are a family. And we look forward to sharing in the love of the game with you.