How to upload new clearances and apply for approval in the Affinity system:

Mt Lebanon Soccer Association: 

How to upload new clearances and apply for approval in the Affinity system:

Go to this link:

1. Click on the blue “to begin REGISTRATION please click here” at the top of the page.  DO NOT USE THE LOGIN BOX IN THE UPPER LEFT-HAND CORNER.

2. Once there, login.  If you do not have an existing account, you should then click the grey box “Create New Account”

3. Once logged in, you should see your “Account Primary Contact” and “Family Member section”. Here you will have the option to add new player or new parents to your account or you can select the green box “Continue”.

4. The next screen will list all those eligible in the family to register for this, to the right of your name, you will see a ‘register as coach/admin’ green button, please click that.

5. It will then come up with a select play level drop down.  Please select the play level and the only option which is “Background Check”.

6. Once you select that, your personal information will come up on the screen.  Look for the option in the middle of the screen that says ‘click here to show photo or certification upload’

7. This is where you will see to upload the documents.  Please make sure you upload the correct documents in the appropriate box.  Please make sure you select the your club at the bottom of the page.  Mt Lebanon – (SID). Then select “Save and Next Page.

8. Walk through the rest of the steps and agree to the ELA’s if there are any (they may not apply but continue until you can’t go any further).

9. The Payment page will come and should say no payment due. Continue on until you get to the end.

End Results:  This will create the application for approval.  You will go ‘under Review’

If everything is in order, you will be approved, if there is anything amiss with the documents, Tim McCoy from PA West will email you directly with what needs to be corrected.  If everything is in order and he can approve you, you will not hear anything from him.  Kind of a ‘no news is good news’!