Unfortunately, we have arrived at the point in time that we have to cancel all of our spring programs, as well as summer futbol.  

If you are currently enrolled in SDP, U9, RT 19 or travel soccer, please make sure you check your inbox for an email detailing reimbursements and next steps for your particular program. Any questions can be directed to info@mlsa.org.

Celebrating Our Players

For those of you with players "graduating" from our programs or even from the high school, we are personally so sorry that they did not get a final chance to play and compete with their friends. We celebrate their achievements and thank them for being such a dedicated, spirited, and talented group that’s contributed so much to our program over the years. We hope to find another way to honor them soon, so stay tuned (and feel free to reach out with suggestions)…. 

For those of you with players who will continue on, we look forward to a healthy fall season.


Travel Soccer 2020/2021

Please note that our Travel Soccer Fall 2020/Spring 2021 registration is currently open and ready for you to enroll.  We have made some adjustments to the program dates as noted below…

  •  Extending registration from May 12th to June 30th, 2020. 
  • Tryouts originally scheduled in May will be moved to a later date in the Summer (TBD).

We appreciate your support. Thank you and stay well!

Mt Lebanon Soccer Association