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MLSA User Accounts

By MLSA 08/29/2016, 10:45pm EDT

Travel and Lebo Cup teams are being set up on the MLSA site and in some cases that triggers an email to you...

Didn't I already Register?

If you registered previously on (for a survey last year or if you ordered equipment this year or something else), your child should already have an account and hopefully that account was linked to their team this year.  If you just registered yourself previously on, then a new account was created for your child.  This is just to keep in cleaner for the teams (instead of showing a parent on the team, we want to see the players)!

Also, you DID register on Affinity to register your child to play.  Don't worry about that.  Unfortunately, that system is separate from ours, so we want you to register here, too.


Coaches use these accounts to set up their team on our site.  Having your child listed as a player (and not listed as your name on their roster) makes it convenient for the coach.  Also, you can set up different information rules for parents vs players; for instance, I currently have 2 daughters playing soccer and I am a coach.  I have my own account for coaching and each of my daughters has an account.  Plus I have my wife and my daughters' grandparents attached to my daughters' accounts.  They get the emails for my daughters, but not the ones for me (that they definitely don't care about).


You can set up multiple ways for an account to be contacted, via Linked Accounts.  For instance, as I mentioned above, my account goes to me, my daughters' accounts go to me and my wife and their grandparents.  Set this up by going clicking  on your name in the top left hand corner of the screen.  Choose Household and in the screen that displays, click on your player.  In the LINKED ACCOUNTS section under the player's profile, you can add or remove contact addresses.  Any email going to this player will go to the emails listed in this section.  Unfortunately, in order for the linked account to get access to the team's mobile app, etc, you'll need to tell the coach to add them to the permissions of the team, but that is certainly not a problem!

Good luck!

For the benefit of the kids, the families and the community, Lynn Kachmarik is coming to share her incredible knowledge base and charisma with our student-athlete support network. Whether your child is 5 or 18, Lynn’s entertaining, inspiring, foundational, powerful message spans age groups and is timeless yet attuned to the new direction and imperatives of a modern youth sports culture. 

SPONSORED BY Mt. Lebanon High School, The Blue Devils Club, Outreach, and Lebo Youth Sports Organizations

  • This session will be interactive and discuss three of the top issues that coaches face with their student athletes today. What does research tell us about how to develop mental toughness/grit in today’s youth thru high school athletes? Kids are not as resilient as they were 5 – 10 years ago, so how do you work on grit every day? Accountability continues to trend as a huge issue not only for our student athletes but for us as coaches. Every athlete will have a different definition of this word so what does it mean to your program? It is a privilege to coach someone else’s child so caring equally about every member of your team matters at all levels. Creating a safe and trusting sport environment are crucial for your team to reach their potential. What does your practice and playing environment look like to your student athletes? 

    SPONSORED BY Mt. Lebanon High School, The Blue Devils Club, Outreach, and Lebo Youth Sports Organizations. 

2016 MLSA Lebo Cup Registration is Open!

By MLSA Lebo Cup 06/23/2016, 12:00am EDT

Fall Lebo Cup is a recreational league open to students in grades 3rd through 12th.  All games are played on Saturdays in the Fall and will start in late August and end early in November.  Both Coach and UK Practices will be held during the weekdays throughout the season. 

Please use one of the following links to register through Affinity:

Lebo Cup:

Rt 19 Lebo Cup:

Fields News

Parent Sideline Etiquette Pointers from US Soccer

MLSA strongly encourages following the etiquette tips outlined at the linked article when attending any youth sporting event:

Sideline etiquette

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